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Our team of skilled Los Angeles health insurance denial lawyers have extensive experience in representing people who have been denied a variety of insurance claims.

Out-of-Network Insurance Denial

Out-of-Network medical coverage can be common during a medical emergency. If Anthem has denied your claim, our team can help.

Bad Faith Insurance

Often times, insurance companies do not live up to promises and follow through with paying for coverages.

Surgery Insurance Denial

If Anthem insurance has denied a payment to cover a necessary surgery, our skilled Los Angeles health insurance denial lawyers can help.

Medical Necessity Denials

Medical necessity denials can be frightening to go through alone. Our Anthem medical necessity denial lawyers will fight with you.

Denied Appeals in Los Angeles

Unfortunately, many who appeal their denials are not successful. Sometimes this is because the same parties that made the first decision also made the second. However, anyone who has received multiple denials may still have options.

At this juncture, the insured often can choose to appeal a second time to an independent third-party or they can pursue a civil court case. An Anthem Blue Cross of California health insurance denial lawyer in Los Angeles can help evaluate a denial to determine the best course of action.

Health Insurance Policies as Contracts

What many health insurance subscribers do not understand and what many health insurance companies seem to conveniently forget is that health insurance is a contract between the insurance company and the subscriber. This means it is subject to contract law.

It is possible that the court would consider Anthem’s denial of coverage as a breach of contract, therefore, ordering them to pay for that coverage. Speaking with a seasoned Anthem Blue Cross of California health insurance denial attorney can help subscribers understand what their rights are.

Speak with an Anthem Blue Cross of California Health Insurance Denial Attorney Today

To make higher profits, some insurance companies will attempt to deny claims they should be covering. Not only is this practice unfair and unethical, it is also illegal. Patients like you who may already be facing a hardship due to their medical condition must also cope with unnecessary stress due to this practice. Sometimes seeking help can improve the situation.

An Anthem Blue Cross of California health insurance denial lawyer may be able to help get your claim covered. Call today to learn more about how an attorney can help you get the coverage you need for your medical treatments.