Los Angeles Anthem ER and Urgent Care Denial Lawyer

When a serious accident or injury occurs or when you develop a concerning symptom, you want and need to be seen and treated as soon as possible. This is the purpose of emergency rooms and urgent care centers.

In addition, you want and need your insurance company to pay for the care that you receive from these facilities. Unfortunately, Anthem is becoming known for not paying on these types of claims. If you recently had an emergency room or urgent care visit claim denied, you may benefit from consulting with a Los Angeles Anthem ER and urgent care denial lawyer who can help you fight for the coverage you need. Speak with a capable attorney that could advocate for you.

Anthem’s Emergent and Urgent Care Coverage

Recently, Anthem refused to cover many emergency room and urgent care center visits in Los Angeles, deeming them unnecessary. These denials include visits for serious symptoms such as chest pain, difficulty breathing, and blood in the urine. In fact, Dr. Rebecca Parker, MD, FACEP, president of the American College of Emergency Physicians states that “health insurance companies are scaring people away from emergency departments, saying they will decide after the fact what is a real emergency.”

For patients who receive these denials, shock, anger, and frustration are common emotions. Some may even decide not to seek care the next time they have a potentially urgent medical need. As most emergency room physicians agree, this is a dangerous practice on Anthem’s part. Patients who truly need emergency medical care are not seeking it due to the high potential that they would be the ones responsible for the extreme cost of emergency room and urgent care visits. This can lead to severe consequences such as prolonged illness and pain as well as long-term health issues and even death. A Los Angeles Anthem ER and urgent care denial lawyer could help an individual recover damages for the cost of their injuries.

Federal Laws for Coverage

In their new method of denying emergency and urgent care visits, Anthem is violating the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This federal law mandates that health insurance companies cover emergency care based not on the patient’s final diagnosis but on the symptoms that lead them to seek care in the first place.

However, unless someone holds Anthem accountable for their illegal practices, they will most likely continue. An Anthem ER and urgent care denial lawyer in Los Angeles understands how the California Insurance Code and the ACA work to protect the insured and how Anthem is in violation of these laws.

Let a Los Angeles Anthem ER and Urgent Care Denial Attorney Help

As the largest insurance company in America, Anthem often believes they can operate how they please. They are wrong and an attorney is here to hold them accountable to you and to federal and state laws. They cannot simply deny claims involving visits to emergency rooms or urgent care centers because they believe they were unnecessary visits.

A Los Angeles Anthem ER and urgent care denial lawyer can review your claim and may be able to help you get your claim approved. Call a dedicated lawyer today to find out how they can help.